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Brightside Batik Kini Batik Palm

Brightside Batik Kini Batik Palm

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Brightside Batik Bikini, is Handmade in Bali and offered in our very own Rays unique batik print.

The batik print is handmade with loads of love and care through the batik wax-resist dyeing tradition, an ancient art form of Indonesia.

This favoured bikini shape - slide tri tie bikini top and tie side pant, is designed to be something special made in its unique woven fabric.

Due to the uniqueness of this handmade style and the traditional batik dyeing process this item is available in limited numbers.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cotton: A Bikini made in a woven fabric, a new experience.
  • Unique Rays Batik Print.
  • Handmade on the island of Bali.
  • The Traditional dyeing process makes each item unique
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